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Dentistry, Implantology & Maxillofacial Surgery

Overview of the Department:

Our Department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery & Dentistry aspires to infuse a sense of delight into your journey towards oral well-being, leaving you with more than just a radiant smile – it's a heart adorned with sheer joy. Our dental experts are dedicated to crafting a truly enchanting experience. From the artistry of aesthetic and smile design to the precision of oral maxillofacial surgery, we ensure your dental voyage is a tapestry of radiance and delight. Be it attaining harmony through orthodontics, rediscovering confidence through implantology, or savoring the gentleness of root canal treatments and prosthodontics, your odyssey is immersed in delight. Even our littlest patients find their own reasons to giggle with our peadodontics, while our periodontics serve as the stronghold of gum vitality. Rooted in compassion and excellence, our medical experts always tend to


Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Our Maxillofacial Department specializes in precise oral maxillofacial surgery, addressing complex oral and facial conditions. From corrective jaw surgery to facial trauma reconstruction, our skilled surgeons are dedicated to enhancing both oral function and aesthetics with precision and care.


Discover exceptional implantology at our department where we expertly place and restore dental implants. Crafted from biocompatible materials, our implants support natural-looking solutions like crowns, bridges, and dentures, ensuring optimal oral function and aesthetics.


Within our Dentistry Department, Orthodontics achieves healthy alignment with advanced techniques such as braces and aligners. We create not only harmonious smiles but also promote comprehensive oral health and functionality.


We restore and replace missing or damaged oral structures with precision. Our dental prosthetics, including crowns, bridges, dentures, and implants, enhance both function and aesthetics, ensuring your optimal oral health and overall well-being.

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

Our expert endodontist preserves natural teeth by removing infected pulp, cleaning, disinfecting, and sealing the tooth's interior, relieving the pain and safeguarding your oral health.

Aesthetic & Smile Design Dentistry

Elevate your smile's allure with our specialized aesthetic dentist. From teeth whitening to veneers, our comprehensive treatments craft a visually pleasing and harmonious smile that radiates confidence and joy.


Our Dentistry Department provides compassionate pediatric dental procedures, focusing on the oral health of infants, children, and adolescents. Our highly trained pedodontists address unique dental needs, from preventive care to early orthodontic concerns, in a friendly and reassuring environment.


Periodontics, a specialized service within our department, prevents, diagnoses, and treats gum and supporting structure conditions. Our expert periodontists manage gum health, addressing issues from gingivitis to periodontitis, ensuring the longevity of your teeth and overall oral well-being.

Treatments we are specialized in

  • Biomimetic restorations
  • Tooth Discoloration
  • Tooth decay (common in children)
  • Gingivitis & Periodontitis (Gum diseases)
  • Malocclusion (Misalignment of teeth or improper bite)
  • Dental Trauma
  • Early tooth loss
  • Complex dental and facial issues
  • Problems with Speech
  • Prosthetic rehabilitation
  • Occlusion Problems
  • Bone Loss
  • Swelling or Abscess
  • Fractured or Weakened Tooth
  • Post-Treatment Discomfort
  • Discomfort or difficulty in adapting to dentures or bridges
  • Full mouth reconstruction
  • Facial deformities
  • Peri-implantitis (inflammation around dental implants)
  • Root resorption (shortening of tooth roots)

Our Doctors


Dr. Joseph Edward (BDS, MDS)

Lead Consultant Maxillofacial prosthodontist

Dr. Joseph Edward (BDS, MDS)

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Dr George Abraham. BDS, MDS

Consultant orthodontist

Dr George Abraham. BDS, MDS

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Dr. Nikhil S Rajan. BDS, MDS

Consultant Maxillofacial prosthodontist

Dr. Nikhil S Rajan. BDS, MDS

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Dr. Sheik Mohamed S. BDS, MDS

Consultant Endodontist and Senior Resident

Dr. Sheik Mohamed S. BDS, MDS

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Dr Howard Jimmy Joseph. BDS

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