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Dr. Alexander K George (MBBS, MD(General Medicine), DTCD) General Medicine

MD (General Medicine) (1991)
KMC Mangalore

Medical College, Trivandrum(1980)
BJ Medical College Ahmedabad (1985)

Dr. Alexander K. George is a distinguished medical professional with a comprehensive background in General Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine and Emergency Medicine. His academic achievements, procedural expertise, and significant contributions to medical literature underscore his commitment to providing exceptional patient care.

In his role as the Lead General Medical and Pulmonologist at Holy Cross Hospital, Kollam, Dr Alexander K. George is dedicated to delivering patient-centred care rooted in the latest advancements in General Medical, pulmonology and emergency medicine. Patients under his care can trust his expertise, compassionate approach, and commitment to the highest standards of medical excellence. Dr. George's contributions to medical research and his focus on advancing medical knowledge further solidify his standing as a respected figure in the global medical community.

Procedural Expertise
- Internal Medical problem
- Pulmonology Procedures
- Emergency Procedures

Contribution to Medical Literature

Dr. Alexander K. George has made significant contributions to medical literature, showcasing a commitment to advancing the understanding of complex medical conditions. His published papers are valuable resources for the medical community, demonstrating a dedication to sharing insights and knowledge.