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Dr. Anil Kumar S (MBBS, MD(General Medicine), MHA, PGDCJ) General Medicine

Government Medical College, Trivandrum (Time of completion -1980)

MD (General Medicine)
Government Medical College, Calicut (Time of completion -1989)

Kerala University (Time of completion - 2011)

Kerala University (Time of completion - 2012)

Meet Dr. Anil Kumar S, a seasoned healthcare professional with a remarkable academic journey with extensive practical experience. Driven by a special interest in holistic and lifestyle medicine, he transcends the traditional role of a physician. Patients under his care benefit not just from medical acumen but also from a compassionate approach that fosters faith and goodwill.

A luminary in his field, he has contributed significantly to medical literature, presenting impactful papers at state and national conferences and contributing a chapter to the API Textbook of Medicine in 2019. Joining our hospital, he brings a distinctive blend of medical proficiency and a compassionate approach, enhancing the quality of healthcare we provide.