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Dr. Joshy John MS, Dip.N.B, MCh (Gastro), FRCS Senior Consultant & Head of Department

Government Medical College, Trivandrum, Kerala (Time of completion -1992)

MS (General Surgery)
Government Medical College, Calicut (Time of completion -1996)

DNB (General Surgery)
Diplomate of National Board, New Delhi, India (1998)

F.R.C.S (Glasgow)
Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow, UK (1999)

M.Ch (Surgical Gastro)
Government Medical College, Trivandrum, Kerala (Time of completion -2002)

Dr. Joshy John, a distinguished Senior Consultant and Head of the Department brings an extensive wealth of experience and expertise to the field of surgical gastroenterology and laparoscopic surgery. Graduating from reputable institutions, including the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow, UK, and Government Medical College, Trivandrum, Dr. John brings over 20 years of dedicated service to his leadership role. Alongside his clinical responsibilities, His commitment to medical excellence is evident through his extensive teaching experience and significant contributions to research, including being honoured with the IASG National Best Scientific Paper award in 2001.

Leading a proficient team, Dr. Joshy John ensures the delivery of sophisticated laparoscopic procedures and open abdominal surgeries, contributing significantly to Holy Cross Hospital's commitment to providing top-notch healthcare services.


Acute Intestinal obstruction in children after the neonatal period: a prospective study of the aetiology, presentation and management. A one-and-a-half-year study on the various presentations of Acute intestinal obstruction in 173 children with special reference
to adhesive intestinal obstruction. Dissertation for M.S (General Surgery).

Carcinoid tumors- A 3-year experience.
A study of 17 different cases of carcinoid tumours with a review of the literature.
Presented at the Calicut surgical faculty meeting, Apr 1995.

Colorectal carcinoids: 'Carcinoma in disguise'
A retrospective study of 6 cases of Colorectal carcinoids. Presented at ASI Kerala state conference, Kodungalur, Oct 1995.

Gastric ulcer perforations: a comparative study of two management protocols. A 2-year study of 31 cases of Gastric ulcer perforations, of which 9 cases underwent emergency Gastrectomy and 22 had omental patch closure. Presented at 19th Annual ASI conference, Cochin. Feb, 1996.

Synchronous carcinomas of the colon and rectum.
A retrospective study of 17 patients with synchronous tumours among 453 cases operated for colorectal cancer over 10 years. Presented at Gastrocon 2000, ISG conference, Alappuzha, Sept 2000.

Chronic calcific pancreatitis of the tropics presents as Pancreatic cancer.
A retrospective analysis of 71 cases of CCPT among 302 cases of pancreatic cancer of which malignancy was the initial presentation in 20 patients. Presented at 60th National ASI conference, New Delhi, Dec 2000.

Risk factors for anastomotic leak after Anterior resection for Rectal cancer. A retrospective study of 15 clinicopathologic risk factors for anastomotic leak in 139 consecutive cases of Anterior resection for carcinoma rectum done at a tertiary level centre. Presented at 60th National ASI conference, New Delhi, Dec 2000.

Role of Defunctioning Colostomy in Low anterior resections.
A retrospective study to evaluate the role of temporary diverting colostomy was done in 16 out of 95 cases of Low Anterior Resections. Presented at the Annual ASI state conference, Kannur, Feb 2001.

Pancreatic resection for malignancy in chronic calcific pancreatitis of the tropics. An analysis of the outcome of resection in 8 out of 71 cases of pancreatic cancer in patients with CCPT. Presented at ISKCON 2001, 9th annual conference of ISG, Feb 2001.

Multiple carcinomas of the Colon and rectum. A study of 21 cases of multiple primary colorectal carcinomas, 17 with synchronous lesions and 4 with metachronous carcinomas. Published in Kerala Surgical Journal, May 2001.

Multivisceral resections in Colorectal cancer.
A review of the outcome following extended multivisceral resections in 57 patients with locally advanced colorectal cancer. Presented at the 23rd annual conference of ASI, Cochin, Feb 2001.

Surgery for Insulinoma- a 10-year institutional review.
A review of 7 cases of pancreatic Insulinoma operated at a tertiary level Hospital. Presented at ISG conference, Cochin. Sept 2001.

Local recurrence after curative resection for low rectal cancer.
An analysis of the incidence, presentation and factors influencing the development of local recurrence in 20 of 108 patients who underwent curative resection for low rectal cancer.
Presented at IASGCON-2001, 11 annual conference of IASG, Bhubaneshwar, Sept 2001.

Radical Resection in locally advanced Colorectal cancer. Retrospective study of 251 patients comprising 87 T4 and 164 T3 colorectal tumours, analyzing the importance of tumour-free resection margins and morbidity & mortality of extended colorectal resections.
Presented at IASGCON-2001, 11th annual conference of IASG, Bhubaneshwar, Sept 2001.
Awarded the IASG national best scientific paper for the year 2001.