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Dr. Mohammed Sadique MBBS, MD(General Medicine) GENERAL MEDICINE

AL-Ameer Medical Collage Vijayapura (Time of completion - 2004)

MD (General Medicine)
Yenepoya Medical University (Time of completion - 2012)

In the landscape of General Medicine, Dr. Mohammed Sadique emerges as a practitioner whose foundation lies in the corridors of Yenepoya Medical University. His professional journey is not confined to the traditional scope of medical practice; instead, it is characterized by a unique connection with each patient. Dr. Mohammed Sadique's practice transcends the traditional boundaries of medicine, creating a space where patients feel not only treated but truly understood. Rooted in Yenepoya's academic ethos, he embodies a holistic approach to healthcare, seamlessly blending knowledge with a genuine passion for improving the lives of those who entrust him with their well-being.