Dr. N.K. Kanakarajan, (MBBS, DLO, MS, DNB) Chief Surgeon

Medical College (Time of completion -1977)

Christian Medical College, Vellore (Time of completion -1982)

Christian Medical College, Vellore (Time of completion -1983)

National Board of Examination, New Delhi (Time of completion -1984)

Dr. N.K. Kanakarajan stands as a preeminent figure in the field of otolaryngology, with a distinguished career marked by exceptional education, surgical proficiency, and noteworthy contributions to the medical community.

Surgical Expertise

Dr Kanakarajan's professional focus centres on advanced surgical interventions, showcasing unparalleled expertise in:

- Middle Ear Surgery
- Lateral Skull Base Surgery
- Head and Neck Surgery
- Endoscopic nasal & skull base surgery


1. *Consultant Skull Base Surgeon - Sreechithra Thirunal Institute, Trivandrum (1994 - 2020):*
Serving as a Consultant Skull Base Surgeon at the prestigious Sreechithra Thirunal Institute for over two decades, Dr Kanakarajan played a pivotal role in elevating the standards of surgical care and contributing to the institute's global recognition.

2. *Exemplary Record in Middle Ear Surgeries:*
Dr. Kanakarajan's career is highlighted by over 70,000 successful middle ear surgeries, achieving an extraordinary 99% success rate. His commitment to precision and patient-centric care aligns with the highest international standards.

3. *Faculty in Statewide Surgical Workshops (1996 - 2018):*
As a distinguished faculty member in various statewide surgical workshops, Dr. Kanakarajan contributed significantly to the professional development of surgeons, emphasizing the importance of cutting-edge techniques and global best practices.

National and State-Level Paper Presentations

Recognized for his scholarly contributions, Dr. Kanakarajan has presented impactful papers at both national and state-level conferences, showcasing a commitment to advancing the field of otolaryngology on an international scale.

In his role as Chief Surgeon at Holycross Hospital, Kollam, Dr N.K. Kanakarajan personifies the epitome of global medical standards. His unwavering dedication to excellence, continuous pursuit of knowledge, and patient-focused approach position him as a leading international authority in otolaryngology. Patients under his care can expect world-class surgical solutions delivered with compassion and precision, reflecting Dr Kanakarajan's enduring commitment to enhancing the well-being of individuals through cutting-edge medical practices.