Dr. P.K. Harilal MBBS, DGO Senior Consultant Gynecologist

Dr. PK Harilal stands as a stalwart in the field of Gynecology, with an illustrious 43-year journey dedicated to women's health within Kerala Health Services. Currently, he serves as a Senior Consultant Gynecologist at Holy Cross Hospital, bringing forth a wealth of experience and expertise.

Education and Qualifications
Dr. Harilal's academic journey includes the completion of his M.B.B.S degree in 1978, laying the foundation for his unwavering commitment to women's health. His pursuit continued with the attainment of DGO (Gynecology) in 1984, marking the completion of a comprehensive education that forms the bedrock of his medical practice.

Clinical Excellence
Dr. PK Harilal's clinical prowess shines in the specialized areas of high-risk pregnancies, infertility management, challenging labors, and the adept performance of abdominal and vaginal hysterectomies. His practical proficiency in these domains is a testament to his dedication to providing top-tier healthcare solutions for women.

A Story of Commitment
Beyond the clinical realm, Dr. Harilal's narrative is one of commitment etched in years of service. His journey reflects a profound dedication to the well-being of women, where each chapter represents a story of compassion, care, and support during pivotal moments in their reproductive journeys.

Reliability and Compassion
Dr. Harilal has quietly become a reliable figure in the field, embodying the values of reliability and compassion. His patients trust him not only for his medical expertise but also for the empathetic care he provides during critical junctures in their lives.

As a Senior Consultant Gynecologist at Holy Cross Hospital, Dr. PK Harilal continues to uphold international standards in women's healthcare. His legacy is not just one of clinical excellence but of a doctor whose journey is intricately woven with the well-being and empowerment of the women he serves.