Dr. P.K. Manilal MBBS, MS, DTM & H Chief Consultant Surgeon

Government Medical College, Trivandrum

M.S (General Surgery)
Government Medical College, Trivandrum

With an extensive career spanning 33 years, Dr. P.K. Manilal is a distinguished consultant surgeon renowned for his expertise in diverse surgical domains. His service has been instrumental in various Government Hospitals and District Hospitals, where he has consistently delivered exceptional surgical care.

Presently, Dr. Manilal holds the esteemed role of Chief Consultant Surgeon at Holycross Hospital, with an international standard of practice and commitment to advancing surgical techniques, making him an invaluable leader within the hospital's medical team. Beyond patient care, Dr. Manilal actively engages in professional associations, staying informed about global advancements in surgical practices. Dr. P.K. Manilal epitomizes the pinnacle of surgical excellence, contributing to the international standard of care upheld by our institution.

Procedural Expertise

Dr. Manilal has undergone specialized training that exemplifies his dedication to staying at the forefront of surgical advancements. His proficiency includes:

- Comprehensive general surgery operations, showcasing a broad skill set.
- Surgical interventions for thyroid and other neck swellings, highlighting his breadth of expertise.
- Breast cancer surgery, demonstrating a commitment to oncological care.
- Appendicitis surgery, contributing to emergency surgical services.
- Perianal disease surgeries, addressing a spectrum of complex conditions.
- Advanced stapler surgery for hemorrhoids, emphasizing minimally invasive techniques.
- Laser surgery for hemorrhoids and varicose veins, showcasing mastery in cutting-edge technologies.