Dr. Sagar Cheriyan MBBS, DM(Neurology) Consultant Neurologist

Kottayam Medical College, Kerala

DM (Neurology)
NIMHANS, Bangalore (Time of completion - 1999)

With a background in Neurology highlighted by a DM degree from NIMHANS, Bangalore, Dr. Sagar Cheriyan has been a dedicated Consultant Neurologist with 15+ years of valuable experience in the field. Dr. Sagar’s practice is a testament to his commitment to addressing the diverse needs within the realm of neurology. His narrative unfolds not as a rigid professional trajectory but as a fluid and evolving story of sincere commitment to improving the lives of those seeking his expertise. In his 15-year journey, he has not only amassed expertise but has also emerged as a compassionate ally for those seeking guidance through the intricacies of neurological health.