Dr. Subin Thomas. MBBS, MD(Anaesthesiology) Consultant Anesthesia Dept.

Amala Institute of Medical Sciences (Time of completion -2015)

MD (Anaesthesiology)
Government Medical College, Nagpur, India (Time of completion -2021)

Dr. Subin Thomas is an impassioned healthcare professional specializing in Anesthesia and Critical Care, demonstrating profound expertise across diverse medical contexts. Proficient in USG-guided and his competency extends to non-operating room anaesthesia (NORA) in C.T/M.R.I suites and endovascular procedures in Cathlab suites. Beyond his clinical prowess, he has made impactful contributions to medical research, publishing articles in esteemed journals on topics such as spinal anaesthesia in gynaecological surgical procedures and post-operative pain relief after cardiac surgery.


Chloroprocaine vs Bupivacaine for spinal anaesthesia in gynaecological surgical procedures, a randomized controlled study - Original article Published in Anaesthesia Essays and Researches 2022;16:12-6

Comparative study between Buprenorphine and Fentanyl transdermal patch to evaluate post-operative pain relief after cardiac surgery: A randomized control trial study - Original article published in International Journal of Health and Clinical Research 2022,5(3) 711-714

- Difficult airway management - Awake intubation
- USG-guided
- Central Venous cannulation, Arterial Cannulation