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College of Nursing at Kottiyam was a dream of our pioneer members for advancing nursing education which they had begun as the first of its kind in Kerala.

Department of NEONATOLOGY

  • State of art neonatal unit giving level 3 care for sick newborns
  • Facility to care extreme preterm from 24 weeks gestation and very low birth weight babies
  • Advanced ventilator care including pressure support and volume guided ventilation
  • High frequency oscillatory ventilation and CPAP system
  • In house neonatal echo, cranial ultrasound scanning and arterial blood gas monitoring
  • Retinopathy of prematurity screening and laser therapy
  • Neonatal hearing screen and BERA
  • Parenteral nutrition and surfactant therapy
  • Modern warmers, multipara monitors and syringe pumps
  • 24 hour medical cover by experienced Neonatologist and Pediatricians
  • Well-trained nursing team and developmental supportive care


Dr.Prakash Mathew MBBS,DCH,MRCPCH(UK),MRCPS(Glasgow),MRCPE(Edinburgh)

Dr.Prakash Mathew MBBS,DCH,MRCPCH(UK),MRCPS(Glasgow),MRCPE(Edinburgh)

Neonatal training from Nottingham (East Midlands Deanery) and Leeds (Health Education, Yorkshire and the Humber), United Kingdom

Neonatal training from level 3 units in Kerala, both corporate and government

Trained in conventional and advanced neonatal ventilation (High frequency Oscillation, Volume guided ventilation and Nitric oxide)

Neonatal life support provider- Resuscitation council, UK

Trained in doing Neurosonogram, Neonatal transport, Total body cooling for HIE