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College of Nursing at Kottiyam was a dream of our pioneer members for advancing nursing education which they had begun as the first of its kind in Kerala.

Department of UROLOGY

Advanced facilities and expertise ensure excellent results. The eminent urologist evaluates and manages diseases and disorders of the male and female genitourinary tract. With expertise in treating all aspects of urologic problems, including urologic cancer. The department offers comprehensive, innovative care and work closely with referring Physicians and other specialists as needed. Urologist undertakes all advanced surgical techniques including those for
  • Bladder preservation and diseases of the prostate
  • Treatment of inflammatory and infectious disorders
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Kidney Stones
  • All types of voiding dysfunction (including incontinence and obstruction of the upper and lower urinary tract)
  • Male infertility and impotence
  • Surgical Diseases of the adrenal gland
  • The following advanced facilities are available in the Department Keyhole Surgeries for all
  • Urological Conditions Uretero Renoscopy (URS)
  • Per Cutaneous Nephro Lithotripsy (ESWL)
  • Endoscopic Prostate and Bladder Surgeries like TURP, TURBT, EIU
  • Special Paediatric Urology Clinic for Urological Disease in children NB: Lap Urology and Renal Transplantation will be available shortly.


Dr. Rajanikanth V.S . MS, Mch(Uro)

Dr. Rajanikanth V.S . MS, Mch(Uro)